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With Online Marketing Bonaire, the website is central and used as a foundation. AWordPress websiteBonaire is an ideal and inexpensive form to analyze how many and which campaigns achieve good results. Which (social) media platforms are working well to attract visitors and how many conversions (actions taken by visitors, such as web forms, bookings and email contact) have been made.

Thus, it is the ultimate tool that informs visitors, can automate your business processes and offers insight about your online marketing activities.

A website is many times more than just a beautiful design.

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A website must have a purpose

The most important thing about aWordPress website is that it must have a purpose. This purpose is different for every business. Depending on the type of business and the target audience, the goal is determined. If you don't have a clear goal, your visitors won't know what the goal is either.

Define your goal

Make a plan with what you want to achieve with your websiteBonaire. What is your target audience and how do you want to bring them in. In what way are you going to convince them that you offer the best to what they are looking for. Here are some examples:

  • Receiving requests for quotes;
  • Getting in touch with your clients;
  • Receiving direct bookings;
  • Building mailing list;
  • Building a community.


EenWordPress website moet een logische doorloop hebben, met een mooi woord noemen we dat customer journey. Dit is een vloeiend verloop hoe de bezoekers jouw website doorlopen. Dit pad wordt beïnvloed door het inzetten van een online marketing strategie. De bekendste is het plaatsen van de juiste knoppen (call to actions) die jouw bezoekers richting het doel begeleiden.



Every website we build we optimize for Google. This means that you not only get a beautiful and fast website, but also one that is found within the major search engines. You will also receive a Dashboard that gives a clear overview of the traffic on your site and how often you have achieved your goals.


There are a number of criteria that will ensure that your new website will receive visitors. Because having set a goal is one thing, but there are a number of other components that will ensure that your goals are achieved, namely findability. This is the most intensive issue. You obviously want search engines to find your website and rank it as high as possible. The goal is to achieve the first page or even the first position. The algorithm of Google, for example, is quite complex and involves a number of components, namely:

  • Speed;
  • Usability;
  • Content;
  • Responsive / Mobile-friendly.


A Web site should be fast, very fast. On average, a visitor quits after 3 seconds if no content appears. Speed is a component that Google has included in its algorithm and is an important factor, also in terms of ranking. Wondering how fast your (current) site is? Do a test on Google Pagespeed.

A CMS (Content Management System) has a big influence on load time. Do you want to use WordPress? Then take into account a longer loading time than, say, a plain HTML coded website. But the latter is complicated to keep up with for a non-website builder. So make a considered choice between convenience and speed.


No one likes to search, not even on a Web site. If it is not immediately clear then visitors drop out. This also affects the ranking from Google, the average time per visitor on a website is an important factor. So make sure a website is user-friendly, clear and structured.


Content is a collection of texts, text structure, images and videos. For each page, think about the search terms you want to be found on and keep this in mind when writing the texts. Images and videos should be in line with your textual content. Here are ways to let Google know what the image or video is about. Google is smart, but cannot yet look at images and associate a topic with them.


Every WordPress website Bonaire is visited more often on a cell phone than on a desktop. So the website must be clearly visible and above all functional on a cell phone. Functionality is paramount along with load times. A cell phone generally has slower internet access than a desktop PC and you need to take that into account.