About Online Marketing Bonaire


Online Marketing Bonaire helps businesses grow. Not only do we engage in marketing strategies, but also look at your organization and procedures. Why might you ask? The answer is quite simple. A lot of communication happens online. These processes can be automated and commoditized. We look at which methods best fit your organization and use them to improve efficiency. This way, you will have more time for the primary process.

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Those who already know us know that we are more than “building websites with a nice design.” A website is a great foundation for your online marketing, but a website is just a tool. In our view, one of the most powerful tools you can have. Everything that happens on this platform is measurable. It gives you insight into where your visitors come from, growth of new (monthly) visitors and you can clearly see the results of your online campaigns. You can see the performance of your social media posts, your online ads and organic traffic. From these statistics you can determine which medium works well and where you need to adjust. This should of course be well suited to your goals, which is why we use a standard process.


One is none is generally the rule. So too in marketing. So don’t commit everything to one platform. Omnichannel (also called multichannel or cross-channel) means that you distribute content across multiple channels. For example, optimizing your website is a strategy, deploying Google Ads and social media expressions is a good mix of an omnichannel marketing solution. We ensure that on all channels the look-and-feel is recognizable with your brand. Optimize your budgets and ensure a better Google ranking.

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We have a standard operating procedure. The lead time depends on the organization, goals and complexity. In this process we have a number of phases:


In this phase, we take a close look at your organization. We discuss the goals and their feasibility. We also take stock of the knowledge on online marketing, the available online tools being used and contrast this with the goals. Is it feasible? Do changes need to be made, are there alternative tools, etc.? All our findings and advice we put together in a plan of action.

Action plan

In the plan of action we start from the objectives and advise (modularly) which steps in the (online) marketing field are needed to realize them in the best possible way. This plan highlights which steps, resources and platforms are needed. We build these as modular as possible and make a planning based on time and effort. Since an organization does not have an unlimited budget, certain solutions can be planned for later.

Implementation Phase

The most fun phase, at least we think so. The choices have been made and now it’s time to roll up our sleeves. In this phase, all channels are set up, website(s) are prepared and campaigns are launched. If there are (major) changes to the business process, a test phase is set up. This way we can be 100% sure, for example, that bookings are automated and handled as described.


When everything is ready and thoroughly tested, we deliver this marketing project. That doesn’t mean we’re done, at least, we’re done with the implementation. Now we start monitoring things and seeing how the campaigns are running. We optimize the campaigns by making changes and fine-tune which way of working, platform, mailing, ads are working well and further verbalize them.